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Van and its Boy and Girl

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Ubuntu: A person is a person through other people

An African way of life. Find out a little more about this age-old philosophy, what it means to us, and how Ubu got its name.

What made us walk away from our careers and “perfect” life in the burbs? Our story isn’t that dissimilar from most anyone else, but it’s ours and the genesis of Ubuthevan.

“The Good, the Bad and the Ugly”. Read all about what it took for two kids who had never used any power tools to build their dream adventure wagon.

Meghan’s musings of our everyday lives. Here you’ll find exciting adventures, and also the mundane banality of everyday #vanlife.

If you’ve just met us on the road and we pointed you to our site, THIS is the spot you need to hit up. Our favorite resources we used and tapped for our build and life on the road. Good luck, you can do this!
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ubuthevan whales_baja-e1554039502304
Baja: Whales to the South
On February 27, 2019
It all started as most good stories do, with a visit to a friend and a winery. One of Stephen’s photographer...
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ubuthevan IMG_9549
On April 8, 2019
Yellowstone The other “Y” park. Just as magnificent as Yosemite, but for very different reasons. Of course, Yellowstone is known for...
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ubuthevan yosemite_header
On April 15, 2019
Ahhhh, Yosemite. Heart of my heart.How does one begin to capture the magnitude of its magnificence? A park for everyone, for...
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Harnessing the Sun
On April 2, 2019
DISCLAIMER: Please note: we are not experts and claim NO expertise in building vans and working with electricity. The information below...
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Nature’s Head Toilet

The real scoop on our Nature’s Head Composting Toilet. Why we love it. How often we change it. And… how we handled bugs. Plus some hard won tips and tricks.

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Downsizing: Part II

Practical steps to downsizing: learn from our mistakes and tips for your own process

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