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Meghan's Top Picks

Yosemite, Baja & the whales, Yellowstone, Highway 242 by McKenzie Pass and the ancient lava flow, the Oregon coast, San Juan Island & Lime Kiln Lighthouse?

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Stephen's Top Picks

Baja & the whales; Highway 1 up the coast; Santa Cruz; San Francisco; Lime Kiln Lighthouse - ok basically if it’s on the ocean it was my favorite place.

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  • Some of our Favorite Places
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San Juan Island: Whales to the North
On Jan 22, 2019
“Go to San Juan,” she said. “It’s one of the most beautiful places I’ve been to,” she said. (Statement should have...
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On Apr 08, 2019
Yellowstone The other “Y” park. Just as magnificent as Yosemite, but for very different reasons. Of course, Yellowstone is known for...
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On Apr 15, 2019
Ahhhh, Yosemite. Heart of my heart. How does one begin to capture the magnitude of its magnificence? A park for everyone,...
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Baja: Whales to the South
On Feb 27, 2019
It all started as most good stories do, with a visit to a friend and a winery. One of Stephen’s photographer...
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Our first (major) national park stop in our van holds a special place in our hearts. Read on for tips and tricks on navigating sleeping options and enjoying your time in the park

Our All time favorite Place

Meghan wrote a beautiful post about one of our favorite adventures yet 🙂 Click the button to flip the card and see the teaser. 

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